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As long as I can remember, I had a passion for creating.

I love producing artwork, design and fashion but also enjoy the process of creating businesses based on the need of the market.

Marketing is also something I have loved to explore in all of its aspects - branding, market research, the production of material for web and print, including developing websites - for my own businesses, as well as for others.

I feel that growing up in the GDR (East Germany) has helped even more to bring out my creativity, resourcefulness and strive for efficiency.

It was at the end of this era that I went to a fashion design and manufacturing college and completed my education in 1989 - the same year the Berlin wall came down.

Since then I have loved to continuously expand my skill sets, manually and digitally.

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  • LinkedIn  |    + 1 (360) 202 6226

Cell & WhatsApp Malaysia   + 60 11 6230 3960



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